About Us

Only what we love is what you find on our shelves. Is that subjective? You bet it is.

We are always looking for winemakers that share our passion for traditional winemaking, use responsible methods in the vineyards and produce wines that we like to drink ourselves – regardless of other expert’s opinions or ratings.

That doesn’t exclude big names but rather also include small producers that have no international exposure.

With this website we want to underline our approach to wine:

There are two basic questions regarding choosing & buying wine

  1. First: Do I like it?
  2. Second : Can I afford it?

So we focus on wines we like to drink and make sure that you get value for your money.

Our company policy is:

“If you don’t like a wine, put the cork or screw top back on and bring it back, we pay you your money back and we drink the rest”.